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Is this the END of the Black World Or A New Beginning?



“We need to resurrect a ruthless fanatic, famous for his brutal actions. Africa has thousands of ethnic groups with different languages, customs, and thus historical conflicts. The conflagrations in Europe were petty squabbles compared to the Great Wars of Africa that engulfed several continents and allowed millions of innocent people to be slaughtered, maimed or enslaved.” — From Resurrection of the King 




   How do you prepare for future shock — “the personal perception of too much change in too short a period of time" — predicted by author Alvin Toffler.

   Robots are taking a bigger role in our day-to-day to lives. Cars will drive themselves. Astronomers are sure there is life on other planets and maybe civilizations much more advanced than ours.

   We embrace the future or get buried by it. 

   Africa provides all of the raw materials for modern technology yet receives few of the benefits . . . that will change, drastically.  






“Ladies?” said Major Mann not sure how to proceed in a dispute between a supreme galactic alien and his jealous first wife who carried dangerous weapons.

The Mamba creature said calmly to a bristling Sheba, “Human, I am your honored priestess of the Holy Mamba Galactic. And, in your lingo so you completely understand me: We take what we want, Bitch. Step back, chocolate thunder thighs. Perhaps, you and I need to converse, privately, apart from these lusting males who sometimes drive us hotly insane. I am not completely angry with you, yet. But that situation could change, at a whim, drastically. And, yet, I sense, you still wish to fight me. I could destroy your planet with a mere blink.” Mamba Mother’s eyes glowed dangerously red.

“Yellow hair, blue eye slut!” Sheba slapped the Mamba Queen’s cheek. But upon contact with the Mamba’s skin, Sheba’s hand was instantly crippled with intense freezing pain. Sheba screamed and whimpered. “AHHH! Husband! Help me! My hand burns. It hurts!! Kill her.”

“Ladies! Civility!” Major stepped between the two females. He caught Sheba as she crumbled wetly to the floor in severe, howling agony. He stared in helpless horror at her ruined appendage, gnarled with smoking disfigurement.

Mamba Mother smiled.  She said, "There will be some changes." – From Rage of The Mamba Queen



How will AFROFuturism — the use of technology for political, educational and social progress in Africa and its diaspora — affect the balance of power in the modern world? 

How will we work, love and play? What will Africa become? How can we influence technology for our benefit?



Read the novels and short stories by AFROFuturists. Obtain an Afrofuturistic glimpse of what the world is about to become.

Science fiction and fantasy may frighten some people; yet it can inspire us to brave the steps into the future. The great minds of speculative fiction have pondered dire problems and offered innovative solutions. For centuries, sci-fi writers have been predicting things to come or exploring hidden fantasies in our world. Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury, Pauline Hopkins, George S. Schuyler, Langston Hughes and other writers from many nationalities have used their talents to create Sci-Fi and Fantasy with an African flavor.

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Stafford Levon Battle is an AFROFuturist. He is among many established and emerging writers penning thought-provoking tales about the past, present, and future of Africa and its people. He has written for newspapers, magazines, and national associations but his real love is fiction -- specifically, speculative fiction.  In Battle's narratives, people who make the right choices prosper. His rallying call: "We are all African. Together, we can build a future where we all will thrive and grow." 


BOOKS By Stafford Battle


AFROSci-Fi Anthology (Available Now) – A collection of short stories that take the reader into AFRO horror, sword & soul, and urban fantasy. Ride with a black sheriff who uses African magic to tame the Wild West. A Yankee reporter disturbs a Nubian demon in the deep south swamps of Virginia. A father and son lust for a beautiful priestess who is betrothed to a vengeful god. Space aliens seeking slaves disrupt an African wedding ceremony taking place on a Kenyan space station. On a distant planet, an African soldier deserts his post to free an alien captive. And, there are other stories with an Afrocentric approach.

New African Fables for Adults (Available Now) – In this collection, Nat Turner is still alive in the 21st Century but imprisoned by magic that only his offspring can destroy. An African warrior lusts for his sibling’s wife who is a European war prize. Along the African Sahel where the forest meets the desert, a grandmother and grandson are an awesome fighting team. However, the sensuous, older woman frequently loses her clothing in battles against the Demon in the Wall.

Resurrecting the King (March 2016) – An Irish/African shaman promises a beautiful jazz singer that he will use modern science and ancient magic to bring back to life a leader to unify Africa that is on the verge of a great war. But the shaman fears he may not be able to control the demonic creature he snatches from the dead and unleashes upon the world.

Rage of the Mamba (Available May 2016) – A formidable alien queen has been given a mission by God to protect the Earth. When she arrives, she becomes enamored with a human male although he is terrified of her. Evil enemies seek to destroy her beloved and annihilate the entire Mamba Galactic civilization in this universe. This threat makes her angry; the moon shakes and mountains quiver.

Insane Messiah (Available Summer 2016) - A university professor believes that a plant civilization on Earth is plotting to destroy all humans. Of course, he is crazy. But when he provides proof, the world can no longer ignore his warnings.


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