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Stafford Battle has written for newspapers, magazines, and national associations but his real love is fiction -- specifically, speculative fiction. He is a fan of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Ray Bradbury,  and  (gasp!) Edgar Rice Burroughs (who created Tarzan and John Carter of Mars). Add Robert Howard and the powerful sword wielding hero Conan (who at least acknowledged the presence of Black people in the mythical Cimmerian Age) to his list of favorites. Stafford builds upon the strengths of these writers and acknowledges their  deficiencies.

The universe is a very diverse place. Gods, demons, mortals and daring starship captains come in all colors and genders. A writer has to embrace all the various societies, religions, physical types, eye and nose shapes as well as skin colors to portray a more complete story.  Thor can be a woman and the Amazing Spiderman can be Hispanic.

Stafford applauds writers such as Octavia Butler, Samuel Delany, Charles Sanders, Steven Barnes, Milton Davis and many, many other talented authors who could be considered "classic" or emerging for their depictions of a more balanced speculative universe. They enrich our speculative fiction.

Battle's writing is based on the realization that people of color will exist in the future and have accomplished heroic deeds in the  past and are significant innovators in the present. We are all African.


AFROFuturism is art, photography, film, music, animation and literature combined to tell a story and inspire us all to greatness.

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Stafford Battle is an Instructional Designer at an HBCU College of Medicine on the East Coast of the USA. In that capacity,  he has helped to incorporate online learning into traditional med school training.  He also is a published author and freelance writer. He enjoys blogging and interacting with other writers online and in support groups. He considers himself to be an AFROFuturist. He promotes multicultural speculative fiction that embraces a world view. He is a member of the Black Science Fiction Society and attends cons and panels whenever possible.


He believes that exposure to speculative arts can encourage people to look beyond their day-to-day lives. An article he wrote appeared in the New Pittsburgh Courier called “Science Fiction can rescue Black communities” – October 7, 2013. He also appeared in The Dallas Weekly for a story he wrote called “Why I Became an AFROFuturist” – November 15, 2013. On Friday, October 11, 2013, Stafford Battle  was interviewed on WURD 900 AM, an African American talk radio station in Philadelphia. The host Dr. Richard M. Cooper and Battle discussed Afrofuturism and why it is important.

Stafford was an early adopter of the Internet (1989) and later the Worldwide Web in the (1994). He and his coauthor (Rey O. Harris) self published a book called: The African American Resource Guide to the Internet and Online Services (1996). After a story appeared in the Washington Post about their efforts to bring technology to urban communities, the book was picked up by McGraw-Hill. Battle and Harris traveled the country to preach the “gospel of the Internet” to colleges, churches, museums, community centers, schools and even government agencies. He has appeared in newspapers and magazines around the country including the LA Times, USA Today, Newsweek and smaller outlets. The Discovery Channel produced a documentary about Battle and Harris as they walked the streets of Washington, D.C., to explain the Internet to shopkeepers and people on the sidewalk.


He believes that there is a lot of excitement  being generated through AFROCentric Speculative Fiction around the world!

Speculative Science Fiction and Fantasy are a significant part of the Black experience in literature, art, music and performance.  AFROFuturism is re-emerging as an expression of optimism for the 21st century. Stafford Battle offers an AFROCentric experience via poetry, short stories, and novels. A prosperous Future is available to everyone. According to Stafford, "All we have to do is OPEN our minds. A new literary world is blooming.  Regardless of what we see in the mirror, we are all African!"

View Stafford's Blog at: A Jetplane is not a Spaceship. Also be sure to visit the African American Science Fiction web site for exciting news and information AFROCentric Speculative fiction.

AFRO sci-Fi images that illuminate and inspire

There are many characters and faces in African centered speculative fiction: Sword and Soul, Steamfunk, Black Horror, Hip Hop Space Opera, Wild, Weird West, and other emerging genres that are moving into the spotlight and international recognition. These are other titles will be available in August 2015!
AFRO Sci-Fi Anthology

A lawman with shaman powers vows to save a town. An aging aunt battles Nubian demons. A Yankee reporter disturbs an ancient evil. And more. . .

Insane Messiah

A professor believes that there is another intelligent species on earth. No one believes him until he offers shocking proof.

Rage of the Mamba

A space queen destroys stars when she is angry. She seeks to end her loneliness by bonding with a human mate who fears her.

Resurrection and Rebellion

An African Shaman does the unthinkable -- retrieve a demonic tyrant from the fires of Hell.

Return of a Dead King

A Zulu warlord armed with atomic weapons seeks to rule the world, again.

Black SteamFunk

The South won the Civil War with the help of Blacks who were promised their own nation. It was a lie.

The AFRO Sci-Fi  Anthology is available Now. Click here. For Free! This is an introduction to the works of Stafford Battle available for no charge for a limited time. We know you will enjoy it and be encouraged to explore AFROFuturism by Stafford Battle and other authors. (Be sure to visit AFROScifi.com )

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Five Star Reviews:
  • -- "I really loved some of the stories in this book. Give this a try if you want something different, from a new perspective."

  • -- "I bought this novel; okay it was free, but it one of best Sci-Fi Anthologies I have read. I love the African flavor of these stories. They are each unique and fit into different genres, not just sci-fi. I hope to find more books from this author; I am hooked!"

  • -- "Did not want this book to end! Will be looking for more AA sci-fi : )"

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