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Stafford Battle has written for newspapers, magazines, and national associations but his real love is fiction -- specifically, speculative fiction. He is a fan of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Ray Bradbury, and (gasp!) Edgar Rice Burroughs (who created Tarzan and John Carter of Mars). Add Robert Howard and the ultimate northern barbarian Conan (where Black people did co-existed in the mythical Cimmerian Age) to his list of favorites. Stafford embraces the strengths of these writers and acknowledges their deficiencies.

Stafford applauds Octavia Butler, Samuel Delany, Charles Saunders, Steven Barnes, Milton Davis and other talented Black authors who offer depictions of a more balanced speculative universe to enrich our reading and knowledge.

In Battle's writing, people of color will prosper in the future, had accomplished heroic deeds in the past and are significant innovators in the present. He specializes in African and African-American Speculative fiction.

His rallying call: "We are all African. Together, we can build a future where we all prosper." 


Stafford Battle, Author and AFROFuturist

He is a member and supporter of the Black Science Fiction Society, The Carl Brandon Society, several writer's groups and other organizations that promote a diverse experience in Speculative Fiction.

Stafford Battle is an Instructional Designer at a Med School on the East Coast of the USA. In that capacity,  he has helped to incorporate online learning into traditional med school training.  He also is a published author and freelance writer. He enjoys blogging and interacting with other writers online and in support groups.  He promotes multicultural speculative fiction that embraces a world view. 

He believes that exposure to speculative arts can encourage people to look beyond their day-to-day lives. An article he wrote appeared in the New Pittsburgh Courier called “Science Fiction can rescue Black communities” – October 7, 2013. He also appeared in The Dallas Weekly for a story he wrote called “Why I Became an AFROFuturist” – November 15, 2013. On Friday, October 11, 2013, Stafford Battle  was interviewed on WURD 900 AM, an African American talk radio station in Philadelphia. The host Dr. Richard M. Cooper and Battle discussed Afrofuturism and why it is important.


"Excitement about AFROCentric Speculative Fiction is exploding!"


Stafford was an early adopter of the Internet (1989) and later the Worldwide Web in the (1994). He and his coauthor (Rey O. Harris) self published a book called: The African American Resource Guide to the Internet and Online Services (1996). After a story appeared in the Washington Post about their efforts to bring technology to urban communities, the book was picked up by McGraw-Hill. Battle and Harris traveled the country to preach the “gospel of the Internet” to colleges, churches, museums, community centers, schools and even government agencies. He has appeared in newspapers and magazines around the country including the LA Times, USA Today, Newsweek and smaller outlets. The Discovery Channel produced a documentary about Battle and Harris as they walked the streets of Washington, D.C., to explain the Internet to shopkeepers and people on the sidewalk.


"Science Fiction and Fantasy are a significant aspect of the Black experience in literature, art, film, music and performance. 

AFROFuturism is an expression of optimism
for the 21st Century."


Stafford offers an AFROCentric experience via poetry, short stories, novels, and short film that everyone can enjoy regardless of their racial background.

View Stafford's Blog at: A Jetplane is not a Spaceship. Also be sure to visit the African American Science Fiction web site for exciting news and information about AFROCentric Speculative fiction. 

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Four adult fables from an emerging African perspective are offered in this anthology. These are not traditional fairy tales. There are no talking spiders or trickster monkeys. You will grapple with jealous royal siblings, sensual warrior women, murderous demons and seductive monsters. This is fiction with a different face. This is the New Africa Movement in Literature.


She is a shape shifter, a Queen of a Galactic empire, an advanced being with a bad temper who can destroy stars. She seeks a human to become her mate. He is terrified of her. Yet, there are  more pressing problems. Her enemies are plotting to destroy Earth. The Queen seeks ultimate revenge even if her efforts destroy the universe.

It is tough being a genius, when everyone believes you are crazy. So, when you warn people that only you can save the world from intelligent, invading plants, you have to produce proof. Then you have to take command.


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